Teresa Baker, Interim Executive Director at Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., said HCCI has not seen an increase in evictions due to COVID related issues, but has noticed other trends that can cause issues for renters. Baker said that in the past several months HCCI has noticed a rise in renters saying their landlords were not renewing their leases.  In addition, she said there seemed to be an increase in
tenants reporting that their landlords were selling their rentals.

Baker speculates that some landlords are selling their rentals because it’s a seller’s market.  She said other landlords are selling because they are irritated about the eviction moratoriums or can no longer afford their monthly mortgage due to the moratoriums.  “No matter the reason, this could cause an issue for those renters who may be priced out of the rental market if the new investors increase the rent to make up for the fact that home prices have increased significantly.” Baker said.


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