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    Shawnee County Jail inmate: Housing a challenge for those with record

    As David A. Jackson sought housing earlier this year, he found few options. He ended up with a roof over his head — at the Shawnee County Jail.

    Jackson, 36, wanted to get a two-bedroom apartment, a stipulation that was part of a reintegration plan from the Department for Children and Families. His two daughters had been removed from his custody.

    The Topeka Housing Authority denied his application.

    THA looks at the past five years of someone’s criminal history. If they have been arrested for one of 24 crimes, they are disqualified, said Trey George, executive director of Topeka Housing Authority, Inc. Most of the offenses are felonies, but a few are misdemeanors. Under U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development policy, an arrest is considered a conviction.

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