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HCCI – CDC Eviction Moratorium Order

CDC Declaration to Landlord-Eviction Moratorium

HCCI’s Tenant Landlord Counseling for both renters and landlords will be available to communities that provide grant funding for this unique service that counsels about 2,400 (mostly renters) each year.

Funded communities for 2022 include: the municipalities of Lawrence, Manhattan, Olathe and Topeka. The United Way of the Flint Hill funds the following counties: Chase, Coffey, Greenwood, Lyon, Morris, Osage, Wabaunsee and Woodson. Konza United Way funds the following counties: Clay, Marshall, Pottawatomie, Riley, Wabaunsee and Washington.

Other areas of Kansas not currently covered by grant funding for 2020 are encouraged to contact HCCI to discuss costs. Contact: Teresa Baker, Tenant/Landlord Program Manager, 800-383-0217 or [email protected].

Tenant & Landlord Rights & Responsibilities

HCCI is extremely committed to providing Tenant Landlord Counseling services. Please visit the links below for self-help on Tenant and Landlord issues.

The tenant and landlord program provides quality education regarding the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords in Kansas. In addition, it provides information and referral to housing and housing-related services.

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Issues include maintenance, security deposit returns, lease issues, discrimination and most rental housing topics. Information about the situation is gathered, education on legal and practical applications of rights and responsibilities of both parties is provided in plain language, problem-solving techniques are explored, alternative actions are reviewed, and the client selects the action to pursue.


The Kansas Landlord Handbook provides useful, practical information regarding communication and business relationships between landlords and tenants. We provide landlords with information regarding property listings, mold & lead paint regulations, and laws that govern the acts between tenants and landlords in Kansas.

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HCCI provided tenants a comprehensive look at their rights. Click here to review sections from the Kansas Tenants Handbook and access information for Kansas Tenants including tenant rights videos, websites, and publications.

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HCCI provides tenants a thorough and easy to understand explanation of eviction for non-payment of rent. A variety of scenarios, as well as questions and answers, are outlined so that a tenant can understand rights and responsibilities under the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (KRLTA).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions (English) (Español) are answered with general information based on the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (K.S.A. 58-2540 through 58-2573), a Kansas law regulating landlord and tenant relations and referred to as the KRLTA.

Question and Answer for Topeka Tenants. (English)

This information is not intended to answer specific questions you may have about your situation. If you need additional assistance, contact us at 785-234-0217. If you need legal advice, contact an attorney who has experience in this area of the law.

Publication Resources

HCCI’s Tenant Landlord Counseling Program publishes a variety of resource materials including plain language summaries of the tenant and landlord laws in Kansas, fair housing information and posters, relevant court decisions and model leases. Publications can be purchased in person (Topeka), online, or ordered through the mail.

To see a detailed list of which publications HCCI has to offer or to order publication by mail click here.

Our Counselors

Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. (HCCI) housing counselors have received extensive training and receive ongoing continuing education; however, they are not attorneys and are not able to provide legal advice. HCCI counselors provide education that will help the client in understanding his or her housing situation and in deciding a course of action. This education is based on information provided by the client.


Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. (HCCI) staff are not attorneys and they do not give legal advice. HCCI Counselors receive extensive training and have thorough understanding of the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act that governs all rental property management practices in Kansas. HCCI provides useful, practical information about this Kansas law to both tenants and landlords so they may understand what their options are and examine the actions they may want to take to resolve particular issues related to rental property agreements. HCCI does not advise tenants or landlords about the legality of actions they may choose to take and HCCI never predicts what the outcome of a given rental issue may be if an action is taken by a landlord or tenant.