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    Financial & Homebuyer Team

    Ginger Ellsperman

    Manager, Housing and Credit Counseling Program, HUD Exam-Certified, NFCC Certified

    Rogers Brazier

    Trainer / Educator: HUD Exam-Certified, NFCC Certified

    Catlynn (Cat) Jaynes

    Financial Counselor: HUD Exam Certified, NFCC Certified

    Traci Carter

    Financial Counselor: NFCC Exam-Certified

    Tenant & Landlord Counseling Team

    Teresa Baker

    Manager, Tenant & Landlord Program

    Abigail Panecati

    Tenant and Landlord Counselor

    Administrative Team

    Teresa Baker

    Interim Executive Director

    Lynne Crabtree

    Grant Writer / Communications

    Jennifer Whitt

    Office Manager / Reports Professional